Could u plz let me know the cost involvement of per column cm of classified display advert of real estate section in Punya Nagari


As per your request, you intend to book a Property Advert under the Display Classified Ad Type. Please know that such ads are measured in terms of their size in length and width in per unit. To know about the ad rates for publishing a Classified Display Property Ad in Punya Nagari, please visit the following link: and choose the ad type as Display Classified Ads.

The rates are provided as per the different editions; you can choose your edition or simply pick a combo package to proceed to the Compose Ad section to create your ad. After the composition of your advert, please specify the ad release dates and clear the payments through our online or offline payment mediums, mentioned on the Make Payment page.

Please complete the ad booking at least 2-3 days prior to the desired release dates.


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