How much amount to be paid for publishing change of name ad in Punya Nagari and Mirror


If you need to book a Change of Name ad in any newspaper, you must remember that it falls under the Announcement Category. The sub-category should be Change of Name which you must specify in order to get your ad published under the right section.

To review the ad rates and start the booking of your Name Change advertisement in Punya Nagari, please visit the following page:, choose the editions or the package as per your preference and proceed to the Compose Ad section. Here you can select the sub-category as ‘Change of Name’ and proceed to the Make Payment page.

You can specify the release dates and clear the payment through this page with the help of our online and offline payment mediums. Please make sure that the ad is released at least a couple of days in advance to ensure a timely release of your ad.

For reviewing the ad rates of Mirror fo the Name Change advert, please visit the following page: and follow the same process as mentioned above to get your ad published.

*Note: Please remember that after the booking of the advert is complete, you must send us a scanned copy of your affidavit as it is mandatory for all Change of Name ads, as per company policy.

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